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The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 1 2018

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Clues Answers
All-consuming idea OBSESSION
Animal — rub it around in lard fruit bat
Belly GUT
Bert possibly accommodates one ethnic group TRIBE
Bet this would kill vampire! STAKE
Bloodbath CARNAGE
Bolshevik LENINIST
Bring under control HARNESS
British drink a bundle BALE
Care about horse in slaughter CARNAGE
Changing to Sun’s ad brings surprises! ASTOUNDS
Chuckle joyfully CHORTLE
Coffee shop CAFE
Diver’s equipment SCUBA
Endure time inside for example STAY
Extremely harsh SCATHING
Face off in small restaurant CAFE
Fit to work like a horse HARNESS
Flat-bottomed boat PUNT
Flying fox fruit bat
Gamble little in pub — Halfway House? in-between
Gargantuan MASSIVE
Good friend PAL

Clues Answers
Inmate pre-irons pants PRISONER
Intermediate in-between
Investment STAKE
Joke time in gondola? PUNT
Kiss and cuddle SPOON
Lad outside Post Office is stirrer SPOON
Laugh when her colt misbehaves CHORTLE
Love cheat two-timer
Observe the stew? SEETHE
Painful SORE
Pair watch unfaithful lover two-timer
Parcel of hay BALE
Paunch good for Goering GUT
Reduce to pulp MASH
Rota contains nine backing revolutionary LENINIST
Secretary beginning to loathe friend PAL
Service the writer has for street gang? MASSIVE
Sob noises stirred mania OBSESSION
Social division TRIBE
Some glum as having potato dish MASH
Very severe little girl in grass SCATHING
Visit STAY
What might make secure? RESCUE
Wounded lover boy turns up SORE
Youngster in South Africa needs aqualung SCUBA