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The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 1 2019

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Clues Answers
Almost lose sight of sprite GOBLIN
Atlantic catch COD
Attraction MAGNETISM
Biblical strongman SAMSON
Capable Charlie means to apply pressure CLEVER
Car repair shop GARAGE
Cheese produced that’s sent back EDAM
Come together COALESCE
Country moans — rain all over the place! san marino
Dutch dairy product EDAM
Engagement in Uppsala modest ALAMO
FBI agents placed outside division SEGMENT
Fish and chips one demands to start with COD
Fool takes wife into Pret backwards TWERP
Foreign nannies au pairs
GI Mario developed an art form ORIGAMI
Good to have a fashion in music genre GARAGE
Gradually establish INSTIL
Henna possibly acquired from somebody else DYE
Idiot (informal) TWERP
Ingenious CLEVER
Jurisdiction DOMINION
Kitty after second little bit SPOT
Le Bon might be chivalrous NOBLE
Liverpool band almost without rhythm BEATLES
Lodge at home even now not finished INSTIL
Magnificent NOBLE
Man distressed by woman’s treachery? SAMSON
Mingle in company with drinks at church COALESCE
Minor planet ASTEROID
New MG is meant to show pulling power MAGNETISM
Nonsense TRIPE
Notice SPOT
Paper-folding ORIGAMI
Party henchman comes to power DOMINION
Pigment DYE
Powerful light may burst ALMIGHTY
Recording medium TAPE
Secure drain pipe at last TAPE
Sit and adore flexed, circling body ASTEROID
Small ambition limits gentle person LAMB
Small European republic san marino
Sunbather in this atoll BIKINI
Texan battlesite ALAMO
Threesome left out rubbish TRIPE
Two-piece swimsuit BIKINI
Young people who help in gold braces au pairs
Young sheep LAMB