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The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 10 2018

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Clues Answers
Agile swimmer more sexy for Cockneys? OTTER
Careless REMISS
Classy shop refurbished POSH
Clever but fallacious reasoner SOPHIST
Coat, new one, for very hot place FURNACE
Diamonds to decorate cake? ICE
Distrust SUSPECT
Drunk outside pub is Greek teacher SOPHIST
Express contempt SCOFF
Exquisite, like gold dust RARE
Food from Escoffier SCOFF
Fragrance SCENT
Frozen water ICE
Get to the other side annoyed CROSS
Goethe means to convey gist THEME
Guess that’s unreliable SUSPECT
Guide from Himalayas her pal SHERPA
Gypsum and basalt are different ALABASTER
Heat-producing chamber FURNACE
Henry into liqueur that strengthens body CHASSIS
Historical documents ARCHIVE
Hitch SNAG
Jumpy when deprived of sleep? RESTLESS
Leitmotiv THEME
Maliciously disapproving SNIDE
Clues Answers
Marine mammal OTTER
Maybe sauciest luggage item SUITCASE
Musical boy one set up for copying IMITATIVE
Mythical monster ORC
Nautical painting SEASCAPE
Neat recipes for cooking PRECISE
Negligent about young woman REMISS
Neighbourhood in Villareal AREA
Nepalese native SHERPA
Ogre in old church ORC
Parrot-like IMITATIVE
Region AREA
Religious symbol CROSS
Smart set making bed MATTRESS
Son with money for bouquet SCENT
Specimen SAMPLE
Stylishly luxurious POSH
Superfluous to grab spades having little vegetation? SPARSE
Survey quantity both small and large? SAMPLE
The main picture? SEASCAPE
Thin on the ground SPARSE
Travelling bag SUITCASE
Two metals forming obstacle SNAG
Unspecified number in team sarcastic SNIDE
Unusually good RARE
Vehicular base frame CHASSIS
Vicar — he falsified records! ARCHIVE
White gypsum ALABASTER