The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 11 2018

Clues Answers
Abandon crew’s first couple in sub SCRUB
Activist puts key for me in Rolls-Royce REFORMER
Animal’s sound advice for sweetheart in boat? roe deer
Arctic dweller’s right law backing us WALRUS
Atomic device right at core fractured REACTOR
Atrocious act OUTRAGE
Authorised CLEARED
Bad language from goatherd OATH
Bounder from eastern country ELAND
Brushwood SCRUB
Character in this or that SORT
Church cabal is worried about Italy BASILICA
City of London ward councillor ALDERMAN
City on River Wear DURHAM
Falsely declare as exonerated CLEARED
Fervour ZEAL
Flourish BURGEON
Food returned with one bad sprout BURGEON
Furious IRATE
Gentle stroke CARESS
Had rum in cocktail in cathedral city DURHAM
Incline SLOPE
Kelp providing energy in river was rising SEAWEED
Large antelope ELAND
Laze about — to show enthusiasm? ZEAL
London councillor plants tree on isle ALDERMAN
Clues Answers
Marine algae SEAWEED
Minor argument SPAT
Nuclear energy apparatus REACTOR
Obliterate ERASE
Old Tuareg involved in scandal OUTRAGE
One making changes REFORMER
Our world EARTH
Outpouring from rotter in lawsuit CASCADE
Pit workers holding up artist’s crew MARINERS
Planet near the centre EARTH
Poles distributed in ski area SLOPE
Positioned around piano in dispute SPAT
Postpone pressure after American fills post SUSPEND
Prohibit a line that’s mundane BANAL
Remove from opera seat ERASE
Representative symbol EMBLEM
Roman public hall BASILICA
Salad leaves fed a pet CARESS
Sceptre STAFF
Seafarers MARINERS
Short brawl around in which doctor makes sign EMBLEM
Small ungulate roe deer
Solemn vow OATH
Some despair at employer being angry IRATE
Stick for employees STAFF
Tediously unoriginal BANAL
Tusked mammal WALRUS
Waterfall CASCADE

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