The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 12 2018

Clues Answers
AA refers drunken sailor SEAFARER
Answer came about Dave’s case in scholarly life ACADEME
Band that makes sound RING
Become more solid HARDEN
Boys without power or patron SPONSOR
College environment ACADEME
Daughter in hurry meets new set HARDEN
Divine food AMBROSIA
Dog beginning to bother bird BEAGLE
Edible nut CASHEW
Effigy IMAGE
European Alps formed eastern pass ELAPSE
Flexible ELASTIC
From Olympia the nature goddess ATHENA
Gather AMASS
Greed woman’s shown over food AVARICE
Hit with palm of hand SLAP
Hunting hound BEAGLE
Information from guard at Alcatraz DATA
Labour camp joke contains acceptable line GULAG
Minerva ATHENA
Clues Answers
Monarch in step becomes barren STERILE
Money we brought back for nut CASHEW
Mortal sin AVARICE
Move in water SWIM
Obliquely across ASLANT
Passionate hunks kept in check VEHEMENT
Prickly plant THISTLE
Refinement TASTE
Resilient one in crumbling castle ELASTIC
Right to have friends round SLAP
Roofing stone SLATE
Rubbish turned up in metal skip SLATE
Scots emblem in the list wrongly THISTLE
Seat in church beneath mountain BENCH
Sense correct as Tennyson shows TASTE
Single male on time to create public persona IMAGE
Some taverna’s lantern at an angle ASLANT
Something delicious in Rio: samba that rocks! AMBROSIA
Soviet political prison GULAG
Statistics DATA
Store in Panama’s Sasardi AMASS
Stud animal STALLION
Swiss town stables incredible horse STALLION
Take a dip in sunless Wimbledon? SWIM
Uncontaminated STERILE

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