Clues Answers
Advance LEND
Appropriate laptop content APT
Assimilate DIGEST
Blind faith seen in one having puppies? DOGMA
Boxer, huge, with no good excuse ALIBI
Card game BRIDGE
Caribou: German one in three rivers? REINDEER
Caught hiding in sand, one never learns DUNCE
Clever comeback RIPOSTE
Commute time halved in big road opening MITIGATE
Cross when new missus pockets grand BRIDGE
Die of cold? ice cube
Discontinued CEASED
Distinguished academic SCHOLAR
Doctrine DOGMA
Dress up bride more elaborately EMBROIDER
Fight is in balance RESIST
Finish with first student loan LEND
Fitting APT
Flee RUN
Frozen block ice cube
Give rise to SPAWN
Have a little salmon? SPAWN
Insect food GRUB
Journey TRAVEL
Clues Answers
Just fine FAIR
Larva GRUB
Legal defence ALIBI
Make less severe MITIGATE
Manage score in cricket RUN
Minor planet ASTEROID
Nonconformist DISSIDENT
Numbskull BONEHEAD
One learned new choral symphony’s intro SCHOLAR
Ornament with needlework EMBROIDER
Reasonable FAIR
Rebel daughter isn’t hosting party DISSIDENT
Revolve SPIN
Rick takes run in the country SPRAIN
Sharp answer in Tripos test RIPOSTE
Simpleton DUNCE
Single male overcome by evil idiot BONEHEAD
Sit and adore rippling, heavenly body ASTEROID
South African right to eat fish SARDINE
Stopped recording facility being installed CEASED
Struggle against RESIST
Tango composer’s treatment for narrow mind TRAVEL
Understand summary DIGEST
Wrong to harness power for short trip SPIN
Young pilchard SARDINE