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The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 14 2018

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Clues Answers
Absence of ursine toy remarked upon NOTED
Act as opponent regarding law passed REACT
Additional EXTRA
Alcoholic apple product CIDER
As egg might be consumed with bit of bacon? BEATEN
Attack violently ASSAIL
Brazilian resort RIO
Cavalryman DRAGOON
City rebellion team leader avoided RIO
Classical tongue LATIN
Cultivated a desire for cash READIES
Current demand for applause ACCLAIM
Dance using two tins CANCAN
Defeated BEATEN
Ellen Terry’s part to come on stage ENTER
End up around one drunk fighting civilians MILITIA
Environmentalist ECOLOGIST
Fiery monster devouring old soldier DRAGOON
Finding stray cat with grin TRACING
Green light in spare room CLEARANCE
Having no direction AIMLESS
High-kicking dance CANCAN
Horned mammal RHINO
Hotel INN
Incarcerate as punishment after crime CONFINE
Lacking purpose Selma is drunk AIMLESS
Lithe Chinese-American round the bend SINUOUS
Malediction CURSE
Clues Answers
Man’s name MARCUS
Money one might charge incautious tourist? RHINO
Monster to agree with artist CHIMERA
More from crowd-scene actor EXTRA
Nurse releases husband from danger TREAT
Observed NOTED
Official authorisation CLEARANCE
One might be worried to see lost ice go! ECOLOGIST
Penetrate ENTER
Popular name for pub INN
Prepares READIES
Public praise ACCLAIM
Reportedly an island crew EIGHT
Respond to stimulus REACT
Restrict CONFINE
Rowing team EIGHT
Rumbling bad sign for tummy ABDOMEN
Serpentine SINUOUS
Some disapproval at insolent language LATIN
Spanish hero and monarch drink CIDER
Surprise gift TREAT
Swear nothing is removed from dish CURSE
Swot up with American chap MARCUS
Territorial Army, eg MILITIA
Tracking down TRACING
Trouble when coming to coast ASSAIL
Wild fancy CHIMERA