The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 15 2018

Clues Answers
And the rest turned up to cover property case CASSETTE
Artist is English — Jack maybe? RAISE
At sea it cooks stuff SATIATE
Atlantic catch COD
Band on road finds old port TYRE
Cabbage for an old king? COLE
Capacious WIDE
Cashless transaction SWAP
Changeable UNSETTLED
Clergyman’s salary STIPEND
Commit daughter boiling iced tea DEDICATE
Correspond AGREE
Date chart CALENDAR
Determined Armada man took ships! ADAMANT
Elevate RAISE
Expansive part in new idea WIDE
Explosive nitrates in child’s present train set
Fill to excess SATIATE
Fish and chips one desires to start with COD
Fit silver on table at last AGREE
Hands over exchanged gift SWAP
Honey-based alcoholic drink MEAD
Honeyed wine gives me notice! MEAD
In market find very soothing something SALVE
Clues Answers
In which one’s days are numbered? CALENDAR
Inscribe to DEDICATE
Insecure having not been paid UNSETTLED
Instruction period LESSON
Many hounds sat barking THOUSANDS
Mean, twisted individual in plant ANEMONE
Model track with carriages etc train set
Music tape CASSETTE
Not so much to do in class LESSON
Pay for the cloth STIPEND
Playground item SEESAW
Prosperous having ripped old towel well-to-do
Relating to sound waves SONIC
Rubber wheel rim TYRE
Second taxi for blackleg SCAB
Self-importance EGO
Some categorise personal pride EGO
Some dancers on ice very fast SONIC
Strikebreaker SCAB
Tens of hundreds THOUSANDS
Understand wise words and vacillate SEESAW
Unyielding ADAMANT
Vegetable COLE
Wealthy well-to-do
Windflower ANEMONE
Wise guys eating America’s food SAUSAGES

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