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The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 16 2018

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Clues Answers
Apparition VISION
Apprehensive NERVOUS
Arab for example keeps a husky HOARSE
Back in time Chinese feel pained AGONISE
Bark’s brave owner sails out east LASSIE
Below zero MINUS
Bring under control HARNESS
Cage bird PRISON
Consignment SHIPMENT
Corrective institution PRISON
Counting as influential TELLING
Creative person ARTIST
Cummerbund SASH
Demonstrate SHOW
Elite soldiers by hotel window SASH
Exploit quality of rocks but not diamonds HARNESS
Fragrance AROMA
Holding tureen is complicated TENURE
Indiscreet kiss involving the French CARELESS
Info left in Scots valley GLEN
Load of trendy guys in street SHIPMENT
Message sent by telegraph TELEGRAM
Mike across the pond makes negative point MINUS
Narration TELLING
Clues Answers
Narrow lowland GLEN
Negligent CARELESS
Not having planned to leave? INTESTATE
Observe top batsman in revelatory experience eye-opener
Occupancy TENURE
Operated a vehicle DROVE
Painter in Stuttgart is troubled ARTIST
Phantom in sight! VISION
Plug for wine bottle CORK
Put stop to drink in Irish city CORK
Reg playing with metal wire TELEGRAM
Resistance stops bird moving herd DROVE
Rule out C found in musical work PRECLUDE
Saint Eustace vacated church property SEE
Scent found in Emilia-Romagna AROMA
Scottish girl LASSIE
Shaky over Sun being lively? NERVOUS
Sharp cutlery item KNIFE
Shortened woman’s name PAM
Sounding gruff HOARSE
Start to see in what way to reveal SHOW
Surprising sight eye-opener
What’s taken up by chef in kitchen? KNIFE
Without a will INTESTATE
Witness SEE
Woman debuts in Paris and Milan PAM