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The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 17 2018

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Clues Answers
Agamemnon’s daughter ELECTRA
American sport SOFTBALL
Baseball player BACKSTOP
Bath TUB
Brilliance demands explanation GLOSS
Capture the imagination GRIP
Catcher shows support for Crown BACKSTOP
Check councillor observed outside SCREEN
Clear-headed SOBER
Dignitaries NOTABLES
Easily managed DOCILE
Elite artist is complex woman ELECTRA
Factory worker is in match that’s frenetic MACHINIST
Father DADDY
Feline’s weight? OUNCE
First murderer throttles bachelor in hut CABIN
Flyer sees V1 in two areas by hill AVIATOR
Folds with firm pressure CREASES
Four-winged insect BEE
Fundamental STAPLE
Game played in quiet sphere SOFTBALL
Grave situation’s beginning: euro is destabilised SERIOUS
Heavily criticised SLAMMED
Hold with force and tear GRIP
In sleigh before noon Frenchman crashed SLAMMED
Industrial operator MACHINIST
Industrious worker’s endless complaint BEE
Clues Answers
Intelligible LUCID
Large spruce TIDY
Lies told in Melton Mowbray? pork pies
Lustre GLOSS
Meat and pastry snacks pork pies
Movable partition SCREEN
Not drunk? That’s restrained! SOBER
Note lifted from employment cases MEMO
Powerful people lacking furniture? NOTABLES
Regime initially brought in stops wrinkles CREASES
Reminder MEMO
Room on board CABIN
Sarah’s tormented badger HARASS
Slow and clumsy boat, but capsized TUB
Snow leopard OUNCE
Sovereign EMPEROR
Standard item holding papers together STAPLE
Stranger on fire, Reg, needs putting out FOREIGNER
Student at university CID understood LUCID
Submissive, married one leaves abode DOCILE
Theologian in time becomes parent DADDY
Traveller in capital upset ruler EMPEROR
Turner has beer — drinking ten! AXLE
Uncluttered TIDY
Wheel shaft AXLE