The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 18 2018

Clues Answers
Airborne thrill-seeker very upset with unruly kids SKYDIVER
Alleviation RELIEF
Arm muscle BICEPS
Break in sandbar around large island RELIEF
Brushed leather SUEDE
Camp convenience LATRINE
Capital investment that involves work top hat
Celebration PARTY
Change direction outside one Italian city TURIN
Children’s room NURSERY
Contemptible BASE
Creche in North Surrey reorganised NURSERY
Demon barber Todd SWEENEY
Disturb American soldier in a gallery AGITATE
Down payment DEPOSIT
Exquisite RARE
Flagrant BLATANT
Flying squad eyes new criminal SWEENEY
Formal headwear top hat
Hopelessness DESPAIR
In Bognor, see Vikings? NORSE
Italian city TURIN
Jail term SENTENCE
Landscape observed we hear SCENE
Laws of Motion scientist NEWTON
Light meal — or live without it BITE
Clues Answers
Lightly cooked in bar area RARE
Low station BASE
Manifestation of armed power? BICEPS
Misery strangely praised DESPAIR
Naked BARE
Nosegay SPRAY
Old Scandinavian tongue NORSE
Out of character in play — I act terribly! ATYPICAL
Pair aboard state jet SPRAY
Parachutist SKYDIVER
Permeate PERVADE
Public commotion SCENE
Puts up with market pessimists BEARS
Rankin’s inspector on public transport REBUS
Renovated, used English leather SUEDE
Saturate monarch in paved complex PERVADE
Say Labour do? PARTY
Scientist unfamiliar with nitrogen? NEWTON
Security is rejected in storehouse DEPOSIT
Shoulders a burden BEARS
Slow to contain river in the loo! LATRINE
Start to drive car with Tito — nasty tyrant DICTATOR
Two creatures left inside being obvious BLATANT
Unclothed English seen after pub BARE
Unrepresentative ATYPICAL
Visual pun REBUS
Words linked with meaning in rap? SENTENCE

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