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The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 19 2018

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Clues Answers
About end of dinner expert gets port ACRE
Absence of stress regarding nastiness RESPITE
Area within location for splendid house PALACE
Attempt STAB
Boring British come ashore BLAND
Cancel ANNUL
Citrus fruit LEMON
Command ORDER
Common sense for us French NOUS
Concept used in tide analysis IDEA
Dim to confine two dukes in row PADDLE
Directive from senior dermatologist ORDER
Drink among clarets in Australia RETSINA
Drink poured in honour LIBATION
Firm redesigned menus — what will diners do? CONSUME
Freight CARGO
Garment right that cloaks British criminal ROBBER
Greek wine RETSINA
Gumption NOUS
Hold contents of vehicle on journey CARGO
Hold sheriff party on ship POSSESS
Impale vampires returning? STAB
Impressive boldness BRAVADO
Insipid BLAND
Invalidate yearbook removing second article ANNUL
Clues Answers
Irish national emblem SHAMROCK
Jewish scholar RABBI
Land measure ACRE
Learned written work TREATISE
Low storey BASEMENT
Mail perhaps from Romeo in love affair ARMOUR
Metal suit ARMOUR
Not wearing so much in class LESSON
Notion IDEA
Offering strange bait swallowed by cat LIBATION
Piercing cries SCREAMS
Plant fake diamond SHAMROCK
Property thief ROBBER
Royal residence PALACE
Study showing doctor is English TREATISE
Teacher to talk endlessly RABBI
Teaching session LESSON
Temporary relief RESPITE
Tendency to cover same ground in cellar BASEMENT
Tree maiden planted in Spanish city LEMON
Victor abroad excitedly shows swagger BRAVADO
Walk in shallow water PADDLE
Way somebody emptied trunk SYSTEM
Yells for dairy product on board ship SCREAMS