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The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 2 2018

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Clues Answers
Academic test EXAM
Andean animal LLAMA
Anima run riot in obsession MANIA
Ask earnestly IMPLORE
Beast in man — I’m a lion! ANIMAL
Beg to have fairy stories? IMPLORE
Brutal person ANIMAL
CIA men relaxed in picture house CINEMA
Comprehend REALISE
Cotton on a reel is tangled REALISE
Criminal in store looting PILLAGE
Cunning schemes ART
Daring exploit ESCAPADE
Demented dance with Ted is depraved DECADENT
Distort WARP
Driving force THRUST
Easily influenced AMENABLE
Fate LOT
Forcibly subdue REPRESS
French brandy COGNAC
Garish neckwear kipper tie
Gospeller cordial but indifferent LUKEWARM
Henry embraced by Faith gives strong push THRUST
In flight notice lark ESCAPADE
In game we rate big pitcher EWER

Clues Answers
In moral decline DECADENT
Integral WHOLE
Large jug EWER
Man conceals penny in tinned meat SPAM
Matelot losing friend but finding destiny LOT
May become cold — turning warmer? COGNAC
Military lodging BILLET
Mountainside fall AVALANCHE
Movie theatre CINEMA
One out at match displays neckwear kipper tie
Punctual PROMPT
Ram, one beset by twitching ears ARIES
Ready to accept stewed bean meal AMENABLE
Rob with violence PILLAGE
Silence from salesman on ship REPRESS
Student teacher one chewing cud LLAMA
Supply lines to actor on time PROMPT
Test old lover in the morning EXAM
Twist chimp’s tail after fighting WARP
Unenthusiastic LUKEWARM
Unwanted email SPAM
Wager about bad accommodation BILLET
Wide excavation complete WHOLE
Works in Carmarthen ART
Zodiacal sign ARIES