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The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 20 2018

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Clues Answers
Airborne troop PARA
Back and forth to-and-fro
Bar put up outside a show REVEAL
Business transaction in wood DEAL
Cage is put in for raven ultimately PRISON
Cleaner with mop has shot round SHAMPOO
Cleverly escape Kansas City DODGE
Concerning free rambling jacket REEFER
Contract DEAL
Determined effort ENDEAVOUR
Doubly outstanding damage? DEFACE
Duplicitous two-faced
Energetic person live wire
Everyday procedure ROUTINE
Force in tornado unleashed as Shuttle moves? to-and-fro
Grind of traveller out in Ecuador ROUTINE
Hair cleanser SHAMPOO
Have some PARTAKE
Highlander SCOT
Indisposed ILL
It sustains teachers with old poetry books NUTRIMENT
Marsupial and two ducks by river ROO
Clues Answers
Member of Parliament’s new topic — oil POLITICO
Mobius strip’s not that devious! two-faced
Morse’s first name and last always stated ENDEAVOUR
MP for instance POLITICO
Northerner gets drunk touring clubs SCOT
One with electric personality? live wire
Passing across trade is tricky ASTRIDE
Ponder MUSE
Promise wears badly SWEAR
Reflect on artist’s inspiration MUSE
Sagging DROOPY
Serving man dropped in from Valparaiso PARA
Share portion with baker removing crusts PARTAKE
Short jacket REEFER
Slammer PRISON
Small marsupial ROO
Some say poor design put up is limp DROOPY
Stockholm native SWEDE
Straddling ASTRIDE
Take an oath SWEAR
Vandalise DEFACE
Vegetable we had planted in southeast SWEDE
Weather in Chartres is terrible RESIST
William somewhat poorly ILL
Witchy woman right in shape CRONE
Withstand RESIST