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The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 21 2018

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Clues Answers
Admit one’s sins CONFESS
Affectedly refined GENTEEL
Ardent EAGER
Australian area suffered without one soldier ABORIGINE
Baby seal? SIGNET
Band roles reversed STRAP
Banqueter ignoring a brew FESTER
Bread from bakery eaten RYE
Cake courses in wrong order? SWEETMEAT
Cartoon sailor POPEYE
Chopper blade ROTOR
Confectionery item SWEETMEAT
Disclose forte in baking scones CONFESS
Earliest inhabitant ABORIGINE
East Sussex town RYE
English ruler beheaded Calculus mathematician EULER
Envisage FORESEE
Exceptional EXTREME
Film director beginning to go red on target INNER
Good man sat around at home SAINT
Grandma NAN
Grandma’s bread NAN
Groan when turning church keys? ORGAN
Holy person SAINT
Hungry in Stone Age restaurant EAGER
It provides thrust in either direction ROTOR
Language good and classy in timbre TONGUE
Clues Answers
Managing RUNNING
Most are maddened with genius MAESTRO
Mourning top removed by leggy bird EGRET
Mouth part TONGUE
Musical instrument ORGAN
Notable English pit not oxygen-depleted EMINENT
Nun with grin rambling on RUNNING
Official stamp SIGNET
Order to attend court SUMMONS
Outstanding EMINENT
Predict charge to cover metal sources FORESEE
Problem with battle order SUMMONS
Proper info the telly regularly provides GENTEEL
Russian among arborists BORIS
Salt with spinach? POPEYE
Sargent composition’s weird STRANGE
Second son in Cambridge college area BACKS
Secret INNER
Specimen EXAMPLE
Supports BACKS
Suppurate FESTER
Swiss calculus pioneer EULER
Test regularly applied for instance EXAMPLE
Too much taken out of context remember! EXTREME
Virtuoso MAESTRO
White heron EGRET
Yeltsin, eg BORIS