The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 23 2018

Clues Answers
Alberto McAteer has a pet TOMCAT
Apprehensive NERVOUS
Baked dough PASTRY
Baked pastry dish PIE
Baltic state ESTONIA
Bouquet AROMA
Conceal rest EEC produced SECRETE
Cupid EROS
Dreadful crustacean in river drained lake EXECRABLE
Endlessly observe Magritte’s calm SERENE
Extremely bad EXECRABLE
Fine soft fabric CASHMERE
For a scallywag partly fitting description? RASCALLY
Free and easy LOOSE
Go-between LIAISON
Hide away SECRETE
Historical era EPOCH
History or religious instructor? PASTOR
In Preston I always seek the country ESTONIA
In recession manage hospital for period EPOCH
Judgement right as teacher shows TASTE
Little Elizabeth’s gamble BET
Lois and Ian revitalised adulterous affair LIAISON
Love god wounded in comeback EROS
Low born donkey BASS
Mad note by doctor in Bury ENTOMB
Clues Answers
Make wager BET
Male domestic feline TOMCAT
Male singing voice BARITONE
Marine fish BASS
Minister PASTOR
Money gets plain wool CASHMERE
Negligent CARELESS
Ocular affliction STYE
Odour rising from ram or alpaca AROMA
Put in grave ENTOMB
Refinement TASTE
Regain after default REPOSSESS
Requirement NEED
Secretary’s effort to produce cake PASTRY
Sign up ENLIST
Silent when moving? Join the commandos! ENLIST
Some okapi eating crusty meal PIE
Take back revolting espressos REPOSSESS
Uneasy over Sun being playful? NERVOUS
Unruffled and peaceful SERENE
Untethered LOOSE
Viewer sore regularly sat by set? STYE
Want to manipulate dough we hear NEED
Who sings except for one note? BARITONE
Without vehicle? Without key? That’s sloppy! CARELESS

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