The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 24 2018

Clues Answers
Aggrandise ENNOBLE
Allotted portion SHARE
Arrange about a place in America SEATTLE
Artist’s medium TEMPERA
Astound AMAZE
Beer for mates? That’s stout! ROUND
Ben and Leon working for raise ENNOBLE
Branch ARM
Cod Beth cooked is badly done BOTCHED
Compares to roaming elk in end of binoculars LIKENS
Culinary plant HERB
Doctor implanting seed for rag trader DRAPER
Duo in ancient wood TWO
Free from deceit SINCERE
Frightening person splits money-bag BOGEYMAN
Genuine one in screen adaptation SINCERE
Germ cell SPORE
Get to vote against party BEANO
Goldfish in silent tomb MAUSOLEUM
Gruesome GORY
He meets me in SCR for Mastermind SCHEMER
Imaginary monster BOGEYMAN
Indeed so horribly unfair one-sided
Indifferent over after spinner on song initially so-so
Islands men as women wed? HEBRIDES
Mediocre so-so
Clues Answers
Moderate a style of painting TEMPERA
Mother briefly stores aromatic plant HERB
Not straightforward in one’s approach! SIDEWAYS
Obliquely SIDEWAYS
Pair TWO
Part owned in posh area SHARE
Percussion instrument SHAKER
Person almost ruined reproductive body SPORE
Rather fat ROUND
Reddish RUDDY
Religious type with bad nerves? SHAKER
Represents as similar LIKENS
Rodent swallows seconds — that’s pudding MOUSSE
Secret plotter SCHEMER
Ship’s officer BOATSWAIN
Short offensive, two bits of dynamite blasted RUDDY
Steel limb ARM
Surprise in a puzzle AMAZE
Textile merchant DRAPER
Try line covered in blood GORY
Unilateral one-sided
Unyielding HARD
Was I not AB? Wrong — I was! BOATSWAIN
Washington city SEATTLE
Were Dickens’ times this tough? HARD
Western Isles HEBRIDES
Whipped dessert MOUSSE

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