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The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 25 2018

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Clues Answers
A dollar a deer BUCK
Advantage EDGE
Almost trustworthy, gets sharp HONES
An entry without it causes stir AGITATE
Bedlam as Dave’s partner gets round in CHAOS
Border taken from defeated Germans EDGE
Burn superficially SINGE
Californian police go back for little pet LAPDOG
Char from Moers, in Germany SINGE
Charlie works in Barrow CART
Creation GENESIS
Dame Edna, almost tipsy, improved AMENDED
Dessert accompaniment CUSTARD
Direct speech ADDRESS
Disciple died here, throttled by insect ADHERENT
Draughtsman perhaps gets payback! DRAWER
Educate TEACH
Erotic dancing by English clique COTERIE
Examines closely SCANS
Exclusive circle COTERIE
Farm vehicle CART
Former Spanish currency PESETA
Inform companion after meal TEACH
It sinks beneath the waves! TORPEDO
Lengthen EXTEND
Looks over vessel contained by another SCANS
Make nervous AGITATE
Clues Answers
Male deer BUCK
Military encirclement SIEGE
Military VIPs BRASS
Money once raised in late September PESETA
Nation in competition RACE
Notice robe in abode ADDRESS
Old nurse makes offer EXTEND
Perfects HONES
Pinched STOLE
Poet’s dreadful sonnet about New York TENNYSON
Propelled LAUNCHED
Pushed the boat out? LAUNCHED
Put on table again? It’s booked! RESERVED
Put right AMENDED
Record collection? ARCHIVE
See GI dismantled blockade SIEGE
Singer brings in right instruments BRASS
Slow to show emotion RESERVED
Small canine LAPDOG
Something chewed contains outstanding sauce CUSTARD
Start seeing changes close to lens GENESIS
Storage compartment DRAWER
Store of documents ARCHIVE
Strong current RACE
Submarine weapon TORPEDO
Time to wear exclusive garment STOLE
Total disorder CHAOS
Victorian poet laureate TENNYSON