The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 26 2018

Clues Answers
Accomplished wizard ADEPT
Advice from drunk that’s incomplete TIPS
African animal in English net ELAND
Artist’s agent rejecting one duty in five FIXATIVE
Autocrat DESPOT
B. Bryson riled about English snootiness SNOBBERY
Brief let-up RESPITE
Cavalier bears this? SABRE
Cavalry sword SABRE
Design phase revised SHAPE
Divulge REVEAL
External form SHAPE
Female, no spring chicken, finds wallet FOLDER
Film villain BADDIE
Finest in comparative literature ELITE
From exotic Cairo an old wind instrument OCARINA
Go ahead — take legal action! PROCEED
Haughtiness SNOBBERY
Horse’s hair MANE
Intense light beam LASER
Knocking back northern beer shows style ELAN
Large antelope ELAND
London district East End
Clues Answers
Originate PROCEED
Panache ELAN
Paste securing denture FIXATIVE
Peter is upset wanting relief RESPITE
Pointers TIPS
Puts forward POSITS
Rent trouble produces storm TORNADO
Report of major shock? MANE
Run through REHEARSE
Sailor to reach goal TARGET
Second taxi for blackleg SCAB
Send tea blended in docks area East End
Show roe, but not old meat REVEAL
Sinner, sick, to cash in chips BADDIE
Small egg-shaped wind instrument OCARINA
Something aimed at TARGET
Strikebreaker SCAB
Suggests spot is exploding POSITS
Surgical tool reshapes large ears LASER
Take part in show trial? REHEARSE
Terrible sopranos lacking a patron SPONSOR
Tyrant’s son entering warehouse DESPOT
Upright swimmer’s shoes are repaired SEAHORSE
Upright-swimming, long-snouted fish SEAHORSE
Very proficient ADEPT
Whirlwind TORNADO

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