The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 27 2018

Clues Answers
A ruse developed in attempt to secure funds TREASURY
Agricultural vehicle TRACTOR
Balance unsteadily TEETER
Biscuit for a spice fan ginger nut
Bloodbath CARNAGE
Caught Reagan out in slaughter CARNAGE
Damage put right in time with external dent DETRIMENT
Exchequer TREASURY
Farm transport turned to right that ploughs TRACTOR
Firm in rush to cause suffering SCOURGE
Fling TOSS
Frampton’s Butter? RAM
Get on with books representative AGENT
Go without food STARVE
Harm or loss DETRIMENT
Impulsive monarch wants some bacon RASHER
Information from embed at Aleppo DATA
Lackey working in taverns SERVANT
Linda’s off for Christmas or Easter? ISLAND
Literary review produced in no time, and it’s cool! NOTICE
Loudspeaker wife left out for rock! TEETER
Lyric poem ODE
Maid or butler SERVANT
Male sheep RAM
Man reversed into drive-in restaurant ERNIE
Clues Answers
Meat slice RASHER
Monkey died in tree TAMARIND
Nuclear accident MELTDOWN
Passage I will read aloud AISLE
Path to altar AISLE
Perceive NOTICE
Poem in Hesiod execrable ODE
Premium Bonds computer ERNIE
Railways suffering regular cuts unfortunately ALAS
Recent changes in middle CENTRE
Regrettably ALAS
Response from congregation almost put right AMEN
Salutation GREETING
Sandinista Geraldo shows leg STAGE
Say hello — regent to shake with GI GREETING
Sea-girt location ISLAND
Settle dispute where currency’s up and down? TOSS
So be it AMEN
Spicy biscuit ginger nut
Staff without rupees suffer from hunger STARVE
Statistics DATA
The writer limited personal catastrophe MELTDOWN
Theatrical platform STAGE
Tropical tree TAMARIND

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