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The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 28 2018

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Clues Answers
Audio equipment HEADSET
Awful trauma grips English hobbyist AMATEUR
Before noon I travel to see chum abroad AMIGO
Beverage TEA
Boat loses head authority ORACLE
Comedian covering news sources MEDIA
Communications channels MEDIA
Couple DUO
Criminal framing wife in fix gets bird LAPWING
Culinary art CUISINE
Delphic prophecy ORACLE
Domicile ABODE
Earphones from leading group HEADSET
Educational certificate DIPLOMA
Embryonic frog TADPOLE
Enclosure on end of quay is guarded CAGEY
Essential when climbing to get fruit SATSUMA
Facial hair BEARD
Fragrance AROMA
German submarine U-boat
Hint about one fault in French cooking CUISINE
Honking horn TOOTING
Judge cooked rarebit ARBITER
Light meal Athena regularly provides TEA
Lines recited for instance in cathedral ELEGY
Meagre spears destroyed SPARSE
Clues Answers
Money specialist in e-business backed on film ECONOMIST
Narcissist come again to party EGOMANIAC
Non-professional AMATEUR
Not forthcoming CAGEY
Peacemaker’s no time for qualification DIPLOMA
Person in A&E needs accommodation ABODE
Resources expert ECONOMIST
Respect in order for this? SCEPTRE
Royal staff SCEPTRE
Sailor hat BOATER
Savour part of Gesta Romanorum AROMA
Scottish dish HAGGIS
Self-absorbed person EGOMANIAC
Showing impatience as driver in London district TOOTING
Skinful had on Burns Night? HAGGIS
Skirmish MELEE
Small mandarin orange SATSUMA
Southern duke holding in brown stomach STAND
Spanish friend AMIGO
Straw headwear BOATER
Submarine about to explode U-boat
Thin on the ground SPARSE
Tolerate daughter’s facial hair BEARD
Twosome united in act DUO
What might ultimately do leap after development? TADPOLE
Your compiler takes shelter in brawl MELEE