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The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 28 2019

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Clues Answers
Advance valuation ESTIMATE
Aeroplane wing part AILERON
Amorous archer among the roses EROS
Anaesthetic given in pub LOCAL
Artist having starter of lamb after nil by mouth ORAL
As leopards can be observed SPOTTED
Audibly given consent we hear ALOUD
Authorised CLEARED
Bouncer perhaps needed for dance BALL
Clothing business (informal) rag trade
Cricket delivery BALL
Cupid EROS
Doctor’s surgery in decline DROP
Dressing for meat MARINADE
Dustin perhaps one having nothing to wear NUDIST
Enthusiast (informal) NUT
Fancy wife? Not her! WHIM
For all to hear ALOUD
Get radar working with some industry rag trade
Head found in barrel rolled back NUT
I’m to divide assets making rough guess ESTIMATE
In Moria was hobbit covered with water? AWASH
In the vicinity LOCAL
Initially creamy butter pack full CRAM
Inundated AWASH
Let fall DROP
Little house with bad mould __ it’s criminal HOODLUM
Man worried about the country song ANTHEM
Naturist NUDIST
Need in fight to lose consciousness BLACKOUT
Patriotic music ANTHEM
Political vandal SABOTEUR
Power cut BLACKOUT
Producer in new art genre accepting Oscar GENERATOR
Relating to the mouth ORAL
Schedule for unit PROGRAMME
Small-time gangster (informal) HOODLUM
State of panic (informal) TAILSPIN
Steep near dam I worried MARINADE
Story told with political bias confused state TAILSPIN
Study intensively (informal) CRAM
Sudden impulse WHIM
Supernatural being DEMON
Tree ELM
TV broadcast PROGRAMME
Villain takes short time in study DEMON
Wing flap given by one left in front half of aeronautic formation AILERON
Wood in Chelmsford ELM
Wrecker in sure boat at sea SABOTEUR
Wrongly declare to be exonerated CLEARED