The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 29 2018

Clues Answers
‘Let it stand’, printing term STET
Accolade AWARD
Bread; mine, thanks! PITTA
Can the old play in this event? DECATHLON
Conclusion END
Dad backing Mum perhaps — it’s obvious APPARENT
Discipline Conservative and hurry up about it! CHASTEN
Enfold WRAP
English lord stirred trouble in fabulous location el dorado
Everyone up in woodland to fall apart COLLAPSE
Fabled place of wealth el dorado
Final result END
Flower of Hispanic Americans CAM
Football score GOAL
Footwear this old would get ruined! SABOT
Friendly talk with bird CHAT
Girl without love shows ambition GOAL
Informal conversation CHAT
Joined in without being searched COMBINED
Keyboard instrument PIANO
Leader to advise duke about campaign medal AWARD
Let it stand in rest eternal STET
Clues Answers
Military trainees CADETS
Neckwear twisted suppressing a brawl FRACAS
Olympic contest DECATHLON
One more alien on Earth ANOTHER
Ostensible APPARENT
Pass across TRANSIT
Passage from North and South in character TRANSIT
Pay left-winger for bet WAGERED
Plastic cartridge CASSETTE
Playwright Williams TENNESSEE
Put together COMBINED
Quiet Scotsman seen in river PIANO
Rotating part CAM
Rural structure BARN
Somebody else ANOTHER
State of model twice seen drunk TENNESSEE
Stock holder? BARN
Stop making a scene! WRAP
Students acted crazily on Sunday the first CADETS
Summit PEAK
Test case involved tape recording CASSETTE
Top dog announced PEAK
Town to have second university in time MONMOUTH
Type of flat bread PITTA
Welsh town MONMOUTH

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