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The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 4 2018

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Clues Answers
A busy worker sent in for shirker? ABSENTEE
A surprisingly mature ham? AMATEUR
Buzz from live lines BELL
Capone’s death in vehicle? Days numbered here? CALENDAR
Cheerless DREAR
Christ’s teaching GOSPEL
Culinary implement SIEVE
Cuts required in the NHS? SURGERY
Date chart CALENDAR
Demolish DESTROY
Dull daughter to bring up DREAR
Go on hands and knees CRAWL
Grossly overweight OBESE
Heredity unit GENE
It’s inherited from Guernsey regularly GENE
Lightweight timber BALSA
Like Bunter inside to be secure? OBESE
Loved one has courage investing 50 DARLING
Man’s man? ISLANDER
Maybe Oscar died after a struggle AWARD
Medical centre SURGERY
Money for military VIPs BRASS
Nile net loosened — that’s merciful LENIENT
Non-professional AMATEUR

Clues Answers
Nuts free to generate capital MADRID
Old sheep outside wanders about ROAMS
One not present ABSENTEE
Preferences TASTES
Proclaim DECLARE
Psychiatrist right to leave row FEUD
Rambles ROAMS
Rescue from loss SALVAGE
Riddle is taken up by First Lady SIEVE
Ruin in Dorset Yankee rebuilt DESTROY
Samples good man rudely eats outside TASTES
Set to import outsize piano, that’s true GOSPEL
Sharples and Gibson for Crown Protector? ENAMEL
Some cannibals allowed in wood BALSA
Spa city BATH
Spanish capital city MADRID
State directive emptied Irish county DECLARE
Sweetheart DARLING
Swim before one can walk? CRAWL
Tahitian, eg ISLANDER
Telephone call BELL
Tooth covering ENAMEL
Touchy-feely part before news article ANTENNA
Vendetta FEUD
Very hungry creature flying round US RAVENOUS
What occurs in tub at home? BATH
Wild about Lennon’s intro in Get Back SALVAGE