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The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 5 2018

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Clues Answers
Agitate STIR
Ancient mariner ARGONAUT
Animal in ancient times aboard ark BOBCAT
Artwork for King or Queen PIECE
Beach area SEASIDE
Bounded LEAPT
Braggart BIGHEAD
Brand in house arrested SEAR
Circumvent EVADE
Cleaning cloth DUSTER
Cleaning equipment badly rusted DUSTER
Consider female donkey? ASSESS
Disease perhaps spread by water? SEASIDE
Disparage priest in fight after a loss? BELITTLE
Electronic message e-mail
English man raised in Dodge EVADE
Evaluate ASSESS
Fat school boss is conceited person BIGHEAD
Glorious under the Linden tree? SUBLIME
Hard to endure cut close to bone SEVERE
Heartfelt request APPEAL
How’s that for charm? APPEAL
It provides thrust upwards or downwards ROTOR
Look at horrible meanie accepting kiss EXAMINE
Magnificent SUBLIME
Make small BELITTLE


Clues Answers
Marriage criminal BIGAMIST
North American lynx BOBCAT
Offensive ABUSIVE
Old sailor in auto short on gas ARGONAUT
Portion PIECE
Post held in IT? e-mail
Ready for anything in match GAME
Romeo early — perhaps not often! RARELY
Rude writer’s under a vehicle! ABUSIVE
Scorch SEAR
Scrutinise EXAMINE
Secured loan without interest outside bank BORROWED
Skeleton BONES
Spoons bent right back SPONSOR
Star in Lyra VEGA
Star not totally conscientious eater VEGA
Star Trek character; one surrounded by boron and sulphur BONES
The French, fit, made jump LEAPT
Took on loan BORROWED
Turning part ROTOR
Wake up in prison STIR
Willing GAME
Woman over-groomed BIGAMIST