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The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 6 2018

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Clues Answers
Amphibian FROG
Assume Etonian hosts sporting event MEET
Become dull TARNISH
Bedouin, eg NOMAD
Cockney tramp heard instrument OBOE
Conservative is spot on RIGHT
Decelerate BRAKE
Dianne upset another woman NADINE
Distinctive SPECIAL
Done with great precision and such spirit SURGICAL
Dramatist keeps old dog POINTER
Exceptional place is crumbling SPECIAL
Feminine pronoun HER
Film icon Marlene DIETRICH
Haunted by anxieties hag-ridden
Hungry Amish given meal outside FAMISHED
Indicator POINTER
Innocent pursued reportedly CHASTE
Key worker in office? TYPIST
Keyboard operator TYPIST
Large sailing vessel GALLEON
Little jumper knitted for girl initially FROG
Lose lustre like small mountain lake? TARNISH
Lumberjack FELLER
Make the acquaintance of MEET
Man who chops down trees? FELLER

Clues Answers
Nonconformist DISSIDENT
Not a crazy wanderer NOMAD
One featured in Sun means to ascend STAIR
Packed away STORED
Percussion instrument might be integral TRIANGLE
Petrol seller GARAGE
Pitch TAR
Prerogative RIGHT
Pure and virtuous CHASTE
Rebel duke isn’t holding party DISSIDENT
Reed instrument OBOE
Ripped TORN
Sailor in boat arrives TAR
Setting for Carmen in a word? GARAGE
Slim and wealthy actress DIETRICH
Slower to crack we hear BRAKE
Some director now in two minds TORN
Sorted out and put away STORED
Sound from kitchen on ship? GALLEON
That woman from Chertsey HER
Three-sided figure TRIANGLE
Tormented husband dreading upset hag-ridden
Used in operating theatre SURGICAL
Woman’s name NADINE