The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 7 2018

Clues Answers
Aquatic creature is alone sadly sea lion
Bar almost ruined meal roast lamb
Be contingent HINGE
Channel island JERSEY
Chatter behind gym with US stars PEGASUS
Cheat horribly to inform TEACH
Cooked meat roast lamb
Curve ARC
D-Day beach OMAHA
Dog to reach across field without boundaries SPANIEL
Drunken Melissa lacking purpose AIMLESS
Egg choking boy summons doctor SURGEON
English story read back to gladden ELATE
Fish in tin that’s rattled SHAKEN
Fix software with awful budget cut DEBUG
Fool first to give help ASSIST
Foreign agents — perhaps Resistance infiltrates STRANGE
Frightened SHAKEN
Having no direction AIMLESS
Inconvenience HASSLE
Instruct TEACH
Joint that’s swinging? HINGE
Lacking in detail SKETCHY
Line used in car campaign ARC
Make ecstatic ELATE

Clues Answers
Marine mammal sea lion
Medical practitioner SURGEON
Mum with cold needs rainwear MAC
Professor of church music CHAIR
Quarrelled DISAGREED
Raincoat MAC
Remainder RESIDUE
Remove disc errors DEBUG
Reportedly blackened vegetable CHARD
Rounded protrusion BULGE
Single seat CHAIR
Small step men exploring this would take SPACE
Spanish hero holding up lover boy CUPID
Springer, eg SPANIEL
Steamship in sound finds problem HASSLE
Subject is Gable, tortured artist ALGEBRA
Superficial like very short play? SKETCHY
Susie or Dicky in grave SERIOUS
Swelling initially going blue exploded BULGE
Symbolic mathematics ALGEBRA
The rest live around university RESIDUE
Tomahawk part found in midwestern city OMAHA
Top milk producer JERSEY
Varied as I’d reversed desire DISAGREED
Variety of beet CHARD
Winged horse PEGASUS

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