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The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 8 2018

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Clues Answers
Ambition to get behind wheel DRIVE
An accountant trained to rise in scholastic life ACADEMIA
Any number in punt that’s leaning BENT
Auditorium THEATRE
Beer lake introduced to hospital department ALE
Brewery product ALE
Comic book seen misrepresented element MANGANESE
Communion cup CHALICE
Contribute online column POST
Crooked BENT
Decline in W1 — left drunk outside TWILIGHT
Determination DRIVE
Difference VARIANCE
Dispatch SEND
Girl after church finds goblet CHALICE
Grappling combatant WRESTLER
Hamlet, eg DANE
Haul up HOIST
Headwear worn by English cook HEAT
Is trapped in burning lift HOIST
Latitude LEEWAY
Metallic element MANGANESE
Middle-East region PALESTINE

Clues Answers
Mythical Greek weaver ARACHNE
Nasal cavity SINUS
Negligent CARELESS
One near Barking Stadium ARENA
Pole in American airspace SINUS
Praise an American cutting orchard fruit APPLAUSE
Preliminary contest HEAT
Pull away from the East? TOW
Pull by rope or cable TOW
Recent changes in middle CENTRE
Scandinavian in Skelda Ness DANE
Second goal brings delight SEND
Servant traps donkey in corridor PASSAGE
Sloppy kiss embracing the French CARELESS
Sphere of activity ARENA
Spider-Woman? ARACHNE
Spooner’s little song gives room for movement LEEWAY
Stake POST
Terrible avarice brought about new disagreement VARIANCE
Terrible penalties in partitioned land PALESTINE
The teaching world ACADEMIA
Time pressure on in playhouse THEATRE
Tweet from churchwarden? PIPE
Water conduit PIPE
Wife right: Lester can become sportsman WRESTLER