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The Sun – Two Speed – Jun 9 2018

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Clues Answers
Acknowledge RECOGNISE
Aromatic ointment BALM
Austere STERN
Avoiding commitment EVASIVE
Blight in urban environment BANE
Bring about INSTIGATE
Canine ailment MANGE
Caught, suspended, reformed CHANGED
Chatter GAS
Cricket club, English, stopping fool’s admission ACCESS
Edible grains CEREALS
Electrical activity starts under power plant PEA
Founder of business in Knightsbridge SINK
Hardwood TEAK
Identify corgi seen barking RECOGNISE
Inflict IMPOSE
It’s used in herbal medicine! BALM
Lamb’s remark about nan’s fruit BANANA
Lingo’s standard weapon PARLANCE
Mad sailor under pressure finds missile POLARIS
Native American releasing horse quickly APACE
North Star POLARIS
One involved in hold-up? GARTER
One male attitude that’s put on IMPOSE
Clues Answers
Phraseology PARLANCE
Plague BANE
Prompt to redevelop giant site INSTIGATE
Red blubber that woman slices CHERRY
Representative AGENT
Right of entry ACCESS
Rigid back end STERN
Romantic details I made up IDEALIST
Schedule AGENDA
See Carl about wheat and corn? CEREALS
Short cut to get fuel GAS
Shy when going to bed RETIRING
Sloth in Leeds North is rampant IDLENESS
Stocking band GARTER
Stoned fruit CHERRY
Subside SINK
Swiftly APACE
Tree planted in the park here and there TEAK
Trough with end missing — that may irritate animals! MANGE
Vegetable PEA
Visa Eve ordered not forthcoming EVASIVE
Woman hiding information makes plan AGENDA
Worker traps extremely gullible negotiator AGENT
Yellow fruit BANANA