The Sun – Two Speed – Mar 11 2018

Clues Answers
Act as an agent about now REPRESENT
Active and dead writers’ afterthoughts ADDENDA
Advice to first of people is excellent TIPTOP
Appendices ADDENDA
Artful SLY
Ban, exclude DEBAR
Barefaced BRASSY
Boy disheartened by lake ERIE
Clergyman arrives in vehicle by six VICAR
Coaching without a stew of dumplings GNOCCHI
Congest CLOG
Culpable ATFAULT
Did again ITERATED
Direction finder COMPASS
Direction finder’s range COMPASS
Dissolvable SOLUBLE
Equip for further use REFIT
Fail to deal adequately with confection FUDGE
Feline returns after ten with the French for piece of squid TENTACLE
Fine cotton fabric ORGANDIE
First-rate TIPTOP
French word for ‘wine’ VIN
Get log chopped up to make a wooden button TOGGLE
Great Lake ERIE
Gullibly NAIVELY
Clues Answers
Ignored a crumpled dress material ORGANDIE
Innocently turn Eli navy NAIVELY
Italian dumplings GNOCCHI
Least good WORST
Lilt, accent BURR
Little car MINI
Loud cry about ship BRASSY
No-nonsense Erica’s out to conceal index REALISTIC
Octopus’ limb TENTACLE
Oddly silly when secretive SLY
One pursuing another drink CHASER
One treated badly made a second speech ITERATED
Parson VICAR
Pursuer CHASER
Queue up on street most dreadful WORST
Reject girl with pasty DISALLOW
Responsible for bad service after a time ATFAULT
Run polish over prickly case BURR
Short gear for small car MINI
Soft toffee FUDGE
Sports official takes it for refurbishment REFIT
Stop bread round DEBAR
Stylish, if given time in New York NIFTY
The sun, turning blue, is OK to water down SOLUBLE
Wine in France is very trendy VIN
Wooden button TOGGLE
Wooden shoe left in machinery part CLOG

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