The Sun – Two Speed – Mar 12 2018

Clues Answers
Aim, goal TARGET
Animal about to hug payee BEARER
Applications USES
Applications of topless vehicles USES
Apprehension DREAD
Audacity NERVE
Baked dates or nuts ROASTED
Be united with business in this place COHERE
Bellow SHOUT
Boss for a stable establishment STUD
Carrier BEARER
Cheek never turned NERVE
Compelled URGED
Confer ENDOW
Copper and son now without a guardianship CUSTODY
Crest BROW
Demanded EXACTED
Detention CUSTODY
Distend BLOAT
Erstwhile ONETIME
Fear having large number to study DREAD
Forehead mostly tanned BROW
Form a whole COHERE
Former single? ONETIME
Clues Answers
Freeholder, one May, in chaos YEOMAN
French pancake CREPE
General about to expand ENLARGE
Go too far OVERSTEP
Go too far, finished with rearing domestic animals OVERSTEP
Great wave SURGE
Green bear breaks bone VERTEBRA
Initially gems refuse to sparkle GLITTER
Italian noblewoman CONTESSA
Large vessel protected swell BLOAT
Line went ahead – caused resentment RANKLED
Material used in dramatic repertoire CREPE
Monarch’s spouse CONSORT
No longer played the part as demanded EXACTED
Old royal attendant YEOMAN
One’s cast as troubled European aristocrat CONTESSA
Pine ‘fruit’ CONE
Provide for friend owing a bit ENDOW
Pushed and crowded without leader URGED
Quiet and unconscious cry SHOUT
Reportedly supervises in foreign parts OVERSEAS
Return in haste, grateful to have something to aim for TARGET
Simple earring STUD
Spinal bone VERTEBRA
Swell certain to catch latest in clothing SURGE
Trick kind partner CONSORT
Turned over content of fridge – no cream in ice-cream container! CONE

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