The Sun – Two Speed – Mar 14 2018

Clues Answers
A serial about receivers AERIALS
A shy type in car entering races INTROVERT
Abridges EDITS
Agricultural crop WHEAT
Ambush involving male vagrant TRAMP
Antennae AERIALS
Basil-based Italian sauce PESTO
Blue dye WOAD
Builder in stone MASON
Cake said to cause injury TORTE
Carefully look at INSPECT
Changes point from which tide turns EDITS
Clasps part of snakes ASPS
Coaches without one drink? About-face for the roadside diner TRANSPORTCAFE
Common metal IRON
Counteracting electrical build-up ANTISTATIC
Drivers’ eatery TRANSPORTCAFE
Dye without notice WOAD
Excursionist TRIPPER
Explicit, one on choice of words EXPRESSION
Female relatives SISTERS
German cake TORTE
Clues Answers
Goes out with festive food DATES
I torch a dilapidated vehicle of long ago CHARIOT
Look over, seeing last of heap carried by ant, perhaps INSPECT
Lurching tourist TRIPPER
Mother with boy, stone worker MASON
Music symbols NOTES
Nuisance with old Italian sauce PESTO
Palm fruits DATES
Pays attention to musical symbols NOTES
Perform again ITERATE
Plate I’d raised – quiet! DISH
Point to warm cereal WHEAT
Puzzling things in games, surprisingly ENIGMAS
Repeat there’s a point in ragged attire ITERATE
Resists terrible relatives SISTERS
Reticent person INTROVERT
Roman vehicle CHARIOT
Serpents ASPS
Smooth metal IRON
Southern US state ALABAMA
State where a Tibetan priest holds sailor ALABAMA
Worker, one still reducing a shocking risk ANTISTATIC

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