The Sun – Two Speed – Mar 16 2018

Clues Answers
A builder, nearly crazy, can be heard AUDIBLE
A college fellow is with beautiful youth ADONIS
Air pump makes a roaring sound BELLOWS
Alexandria’s country EGYPT
Appointment POST
Beautiful youth ADONIS
Beer flavouring HOPS
Casts off LETSGO
Computer lever JOYSTICK
Cunningly rig vote for Hitchcock film VERTIGO
Dance with sauce SALSA
Destroys by fire BURNS
Directions ROUTES
Dizziness VERTIGO
Eavesdrop LISTENIN
Eavesdrop, though line isn’t rigged LISTENIN
Fable is concocted about East – it’s possible FEASIBLE
Fidgety ITCHY
Filter SIFT
Found in parking lot, tissue that’s in the throat GLOTTIS
Go on at NAG
Greater Manchester town STOCKPORT
Group of plotters CABAL
In reality DEFACTO
Clues Answers
It’s a delight to remain with the aircraft control JOYSTICK
Jumps to get beer ingredient HOPS
Leaves smoked to endlessly support company TOBACCO
Letters sent to station POST
Likely, probable FEASIBLE
Part of the larynx GLOTTIS
Paths sure to change ROUTES
Pester old horse NAG
Poet goes up in smoke BURNS
Releases bricks round back street LETSGO
Royalists in vehicles could be alive CAVALIERS
Separate if seen in street SIFT
Small party in Mecca ballroom CABAL
Source of nicotine TOBACCO
Spicy sauce SALSA
Spinach ordinarily covers Mexican snack NACHO
Sprint to the line DASH
Start going into different type of country EGYPT
Swirled round EDDIED
Time for some numeracy ERA
Tortilla chip NACHO
Truth about feat cod performed DEFACTO
Very small, but not beginning to get restless ITCHY
Waited around for Eliot novel (revolutionary) LOITERED
Went round in circles when journalist passed away EDDIED
What off-licences do here in Greater Manchester STOCKPORT
Within earshot AUDIBLE

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