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The Sun – Two Speed – Mar 18 2018

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Clues Answers
Accede AGREE
Actor’s hint CUE
Actor’s hint is clearly upsetting Ellen initially CUE
African river NIGER
African spear ASSEGAI
Anglo-French train EUROSTAR
Anxious UNEASY
Arc of facial hair EYEBROW
Being nervous is difficult UNEASY
Camp boy nearly held in revolutionary Cuba BIVOUAC
Cloth leftover ODDMENT
Computer screen arrow CURSOR
Cropped cardigan SHRUG
Daughter comes in to mend broken piece left over ODDMENT
Destroys UPROOTS
Dismissed sheds for pariahs OUTCASTS
Dress fold PLEAT
Eradicates rotten sprout, nothing eaten UPROOTS
Even spying glutton PIG
Fizzy water SODA
Fruit pip I dropped in beer APPLE
Gardening implements on garden pipe, we hear HOES
Going through, start losing bottle VIAL
Hasty to curtail computer pointer CURSOR
Clues Answers
I get older and turn on buffoon with spear ASSEGAI
Indifferent reaction to quiet on mat SHRUG
It shows pressure is nothing to the legal profession ISOBAR
Large boa ANACONDA
Leapt over crease PLEAT
Matinee is arranged for social conveniences AMENITIES
Medicine bottle VIAL
Mutant eager to concur AGREE
Mystery tours are provided by Anglo-French train service EUROSTAR
On the run with problem skin – great! STREAKING
Pack away some of the children’s towels STOW
Pack, at sea STOW
Park ill-used by poseur PSEUD
Poseur PSEUD
Reign over African river NIGER
Round fruit APPLE
Seen on the face of intellectual, as Cockney says? EYEBROW
Sounds like girl cheated on a snake ANACONDA
Swine PIG
Temporary shelter BIVOUAC
Turf with a mixer SODA
Understand there’s a passage, and escape GETAWAY
Watch out for conflict admitted by insect BEWARE
Weather map line ISOBAR
Weeding tools HOES
Work in dirt that settles on railway INDUSTRY