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The Sun – Two Speed – Mar 19 2018

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Clues Answers
A good look SEARCH
Abandons DITCHES
Abandons the trenches DITCHES
Adjust (a clock) RESET
Aromatic herb THYME
Ashen PALE
Aspect VIEW
Bank of earth MOUND
Bargain SNIP
Blithely MERRILY
Brie mum cooked for English city resident? BRUMMIE
Brown and white horse SKEWBALD
Bustle around, it’s implied SUBTLE
Ceasefire TRUCE
Conference SEMINAR
Cut metal fasteners back SNIP
Cuter sort of peace agreement TRUCE
Desert haven OASIS
Enjoyed oneself HADABALL
Expensive and hard to climb STEEP
Fabricate lie, say, without difficulty EASILY
For a bit of lunch, ain’t free UNCHAIN
Germs from rotten crab I ate BACTERIA
Herb’s occasion, reportedly THYME
Immerse STEEP
Clues Answers
Jump over the underground chamber VAULT
Lands of an estate DEMESNE
Large bottle MAGNUM
Lay the rocks next to hospital well HEALTHY
Leap about, being very light PALE
Let loose UNCHAIN
Look for chaser on the loose SEARCH
Made merry, like Cinderella’s prince? HADABALL
Meeting for students remains disrupted SEMINAR
Mottled horse crooked and hairless SKEWBALD
Musical work OPUS
No mud mixed in heap MOUND
Poor Limey circles posh car with festive cheer MERRILY
Poor man with mug wants this much champagne MAGNUM
Readily EASILY
Reprimand Rex, college instructor LECTURER
Roast? I remove a Swiss dish ROSTI
Send me off to English estate DEMESNE
Slang name for person from Birmingham BRUMMIE
Steer convertible and synchronise again RESET
Swiss potato dish ROSTI
University teacher LECTURER
Vague mark in TV channel SKETCHY
We return after six for judgement VIEW
When I must be seen in very large fertile spot OASIS
Work to mix soup OPUS