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The Sun – Two Speed – Mar 20 2018

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Clues Answers
Arm muscles BICEPS
Arriviste PARVENU
Attic’s untidy still STATIC
Be esteemed always in scarlet REVERED
Breed of dog SPANIEL
Bridge in Venice RIALTO
Butted in MEDDLED
Clannish TRIBAL
Clannish Brazilian leader involved in ordeal TRIBAL
Clever to hide £1 inside pottery DELFT
Composer with Parisian grey copper’s coat VERDIGRIS
Constant, fixed STATIC
Controlled RULED
Course ROUTE
Decoration had shortly, we hear, been interfered with MEDDLED
Dog leaps in, playfully SPANIEL
Dots of land ISLES
Dutch pottery DELFT
Edition ISSUE
Fight when put up on transport BUSTUP
Flexible AGILE
From Stockholm? SWEDISH
Goads with sharp objects NEEDLES
Gossipy CHATTY
Clues Answers
Governed by the fourth regulation? RULED
Immature flower ROSEBUD
In the morning, stop change AMEND
Initially short wait for twinkling in the sky STARRY
Italian capital is back in my recollection MEMORY
Journalist taken in by posh language SWEDISH
Large hoist CRANE
Lie in the warmth with extraterrestrial container BASKET
Normal location doesn’t finish off newcomer PARVENU
Offspring a matter of contention ISSUE
Patina on copper VERDIGRIS
Pieces of land mentioned in Memphis lesson ISLES
Private remarks from assistants holding squadron leader ASIDES
Race again RERUN
Recollection MEMORY
Rice, graduate’s mother wants it back BASMATI
Road right out here, finally ROUTE
Runs alive around everywhere UNIVERSAL
Some explorer unnecessarily has to go again RERUN
Sprightly American soldier covered in beer AGILE
Stage whispers ASIDES
Starter of beef with spice produced muscle BICEPS
Stellar STARRY
Stick put right inside lifting machine CRANE
Tailor-made bridge RIALTO
Talkative and spiteful about hotel CHATTY
Variety of Indian rice BASMATI
Young flower bored us terribly ROSEBUD