The Sun – Two Speed – Mar 21 2018

Clues Answers
Aladdin’s helper GENIE
Allude REFER
Allude to the umpire with some hesitation REFER
At this point in the rehearsal HERE
At this spot HERE
Be of use SERVE
Beige-coloured young animal FAWN
Bordered EDGED
Bulgaria’s capital SOFIA
Can a saint have a game of cards? CANASTA
Cards include right measurements ACRES
City seat will hold one SOFIA
Clotted blood GORE
Colour of borders in study CRIMSON
Condescend DEIGN
Crack soldiers by house’s first sliding window SASH
Decree, order EDICT
Deep red CRIMSON
European hurrying, loosely speaking! RUSSIAN
Extremely bad with the French history CHRONICLE
Farmland units ACRES
Former performer is one who makes excessive demands EXACTOR
Clues Answers
Greek character, with cakes, returns to bed STRATUM
Half-day’s interminable all alone FRIENDLESS
I regain composure in the country NIGERIA
It’s shrewd breaking statue over head ASTUTENESS
Mimic one friend eating it IMITATE
Moved slowly and guarded against loss, Cockney fashion EDGED
Ogre spilt blood GORE
Order somewhat unpredictable EDICT
Record (events) CHRONICLE
Rock layer STRATUM
Salad and radicchio for starters, then eat fish SARDINE
Shoulder band SASH
Slavonic language RUSSIAN
Small oily fish SARDINE
Spirit released by rubber? GENIE
Taskmaster EXACTOR
The thing must not be discussed, so say no more DONTMENTIONIT
To condescend a bit rude, ignorant DEIGN
Two-pack card game CANASTA
Wait to begin a tennis game SERVE
West African republic NIGERIA
You’re welcome! DONTMENTIONIT
Young deer FAWN

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