The Sun – Two Speed – Mar 22 2018

Clues Answers
A report I translated in South Africa PRETORIA
Absolute truth GOSPEL
Am able to CAN
Ancient reptile species STEGOSAUR
Argue toss over extinct animal STEGOSAUR
Bound LOPE
Bound along incline, but not initially LOPE
Child, in a swoon I leave INFANT
Clumsy person’s cry OOPS
Coniferous tree CYPRESS
Count on German city to include one, by and large ESSENTIALLY
Curse three articles by mother ANATHEMA
Detested thing ANATHEMA
Disrobing while holding sash OBI
Do really well EXCEL
Do well for forty in Rome, it’s said EXCEL
Domestic entrance DOOR
Dusk makes mummy’s boy, by the sound of it, depressed SUNDOWN
Fairy-tale farmyard fowl? GOLDENGOOSE
Clues Answers
Finish with tin CAN
Got rid (of) DISPOSED
Having a tendency to be got rid of DISPOSED
I screened off home RESIDENCE
Invasions RAIDS
Irish sprites LEPRECHAUNS
Japanese sash OBI
Junction NODE
New poem articulation NODE
Oh dear! stirrer turns endlessly OOPS
One goes off after precious metal, and gets fairy-tale bird GOLDENGOOSE
One hundred in home that’s most agreeable NICEST
Perform or entrance DOOR
Pet in a shell TORTOISE
Phrase uncle translated for little people LEPRECHAUNS
Proverbially slow-moving creature – perhaps I rest, too TORTOISE
Ring leader helps with the attacks RAIDS
S African city PRETORIA
Sarcastic, smooth and in charge IRONIC
Satirical IRONIC
Stop orating about principal character PROTAGONIST
Tree island, they say? CYPRESS
Turn on charm, almost, and that’s the truth GOSPEL

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