The Sun – Two Speed – Mar 23 2018

Clues Answers
A foreign camel’s off to America UNCLESAM
A foreign FBI agent given nothing to eat UNFED
A little bit of immature frog TAD
Army toilets LATRINES
Ashen WAN
Birkenhead’s peninsula WIRRAL
Birmingham’s location MIDLANDS
Bleak, dreary GRIM
Break for refreshment at mine’s entrance PITSTOP
Capone and sailor at church table ALTAR
Church table ALTAR
Consumer USER
Daffodil-like flowers NARCISSI
Dictate IMPOSE
Distance marker MILESTONE
Distance marker on motorway, having the French character MILESTONE
Do your best GOFORIT
Electoral districts WARDS
Endless desire to be pale WAN
Endless filth is ghastly GRIM
Firmly etch INSTIL
Foolishly I forgot to really make an effort GOFORIT
Guy’s English house MANSE
Holy traveller PILGRIM
Holy traveller, one converted girl in the afternoon PILGRIM
I’m to sit for a photo and take liberties IMPOSE
Impractical NOTON
Clues Answers
Joiner? There’s more than one in Weston-super-Mare! HYPHEN
Just a little TAD
Knight knocked back German name, seeking Italian dish RISOTTO
Lint is odd to fix in the mind INSTIL
Maintaining claim I’d land somewhere in central England MIDLANDS
Meal run served to a number NUMERAL
Narrative TALE
One king and another in code backing area bordering Cheshire WIRRAL
One who exploits an employer USER
Oyster gem PEARL
Perception INSIGHT
Potato SPUD
Quick tyre-change! PITSTOP
Refusal of weight unacceptable NOTON
Rental is negotiated for barracks toilets LATRINES
Rice dish RISOTTO
Ring contains right gem PEARL
Roughly draws hospital rooms WARDS
Scottish vicarage MANSE
Sizzling tubes stolen PIPINGHOT
Small dash HYPHEN
Small dessert of potato SPUD
Straight from an oven PIPINGHOT
Thanks the French for report TALE
They grow from iris scan NARCISSI
USA personified UNCLESAM
Visible from trendy place, we hear INSIGHT
Without nourishment UNFED

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