The Sun – Two Speed – Mar 24 2018

Clues Answers
A sports team’s central line AXIS
Agent REP
Animal to suffer over shrub CAMELLIA
Apple for old lady forger GRANNYSMITH
Apportioned ALLOTTED
Approach NEAR
Aspiration AMBITION
Bamboo stem CANE
Besiege poor rebel hiding a shivering fit BELEAGUER
Betting term ODDSON
Braved DARED
Cart track RUT
Centre of revolution AXIS
Close to the middle of the wine area NEAR
Coal bucket SCUTTLE
Country where panel is beaten NEPAL
Curtain housing PELMET
Daughters outside are challenged! DARED
Depression somehow happens in us UNHAPPINESS
East Kent seaside town BROADSTAIRS
Clues Answers
Everest’s country NEPAL
Everyone toted rubbish, shared out ALLOTTED
Famous school ETON
Green apple variety GRANNYSMITH
Home dominance could be covering years, to be useful COMEINHANDY
Kent resort has wide set of steps BROADSTAIRS
Lady curtailed dreary routine RUT
Limits one on drive AMBITION
Make progress without head in college ETON
Noise of a sneeze ATISHOO
Ornamental drapery from exotic temple PELMET
Protection terribly fat? Yes SAFETY
Salesman in store promotion REP
Security SAFETY
Shrub of the tea family CAMELLIA
Sink container SCUTTLE
Skiing event SLALOM
Small deviation around circle in downhill race SLALOM
Sound of sneeze – what did you say you require for it? ATISHOO
Strange child? More than likely! ODDSON
Sugar from some Jamaican estate CANE
Tries during actual practice session REHEARSAL
Tripped and mudded extra ADDENDUM

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