The Sun – Two Speed – Mar 25 2018

Clues Answers
A gambling device at university? I’m off! ADIEU
Alcoholic drink ALE
Animal cages PENS
Aquatic mammal close up SEAL
Aromatic-seeded plant ANISE
Asylum seekers EMIGRES
Attendance check ROLLCALL
Beer bargain event non-starter ALE
Blemish STAIN
Can I see round plant? ANISE
Cheddar, eg CHEESE
Chop AXE
Close up SEAL
Could be another’s fishing ground NORTHSEA
Devious girl holding returning visa EVASIVE
Enclosures for writers PENS
Engages and listens anew ENLISTS
European splits poor vicar’s guts VISCERA
Exasperate ANNOY
Eye infections STYES
Eyesores in street? That’s right STYES
Feeling poignant TOUCHING
Food for big important person? CHEESE
French goodbye ADIEU
Get rid of hatchet AXE
Clues Answers
Grain bin SILO
Have they escaped from awful regimes? EMIGRES
Hindu god VISHNU
Ignores surveys OVERLOOKS
Internal organs VISCERA
Keepsake MEMENTO
King very upset by source ROOT
Lettuce, nearly the greatest in the world COSMOS
Made fun of TEASED
Made fun of model then let up TEASED
Major deity gatecrashes lavish nuptials VISHNU
Mark, head of security, ain’t stupid STAIN
Not enjoying company at a party ASOCIAL
Open a new page AGAPE
Origin ROOT
Part of the brain THALAMUS
Reclusive ASOCIAL
Recruits ENLISTS
Register bread product over telephone ROLLCALL
So a clock is placed in part of the brain THALAMUS
So the Italian entered tower SILO
Space, universe COSMOS
Taking front off sound system will rile ANNOY
Tome men reprint? No, just a reminder MEMENTO
Tots caper about one who looks on SPECTATOR
Waters west of Denmark NORTHSEA
Wide open AGAPE

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