The Sun – Two Speed – Mar 28 2018

Clues Answers
Accounts check AUDIT
After this LATERON
Army chaplain PADRE
As, because SINCE
Bacon Victor gives some to prisoner CONVICT
Basic way in to flat ENTRYLEVEL
Car shaft AXLE
Carbon appearing, look out when curving inwards CONCAVE
Cars going round bends ARCS
Check accounts of German car before time AUDIT
Cooked pies containing cold cinnamon, say SPICE
Curved shapes ARCS
Demonstrate SHOW
Departed with Ronald some time after LATERON
Excursions TOURS
Exhibition of pig round hospital SHOW
Extremely jealous GREENWITHENVY
Flow out from mean tea, stirred EMANATE
Former partner first to survive EXIST
Clues Answers
Gory sort of indulgence ORGY
Huge landmass CONTINENT
Hurriedness HASTE
Indented CONCAVE
Like a horse without a tail, steer into biannual event EQUINOX
Loathe grabbing seconds for speed HASTE
Lucky plant HEATHER
Pass a year without fruit to test purity ASSAY
Revolutionary, opposing Ronald, gets stripe CHEVRON
Satisfied about home for Europe, say CONTINENT
Seasoning SPICE
Seeing that church supports moral wrong SINCE
Some road tax legislation helps to keep the wheels turning! AXLE
Sorry for silver-covered mint? Return quote APOLOGETIC
Speech connected with inner proportion ORATION
Test a metal’s purity ASSAY
Time of equal length of day and night EQUINOX
Trips where transport initially yours and mine TOURS
Try to catch the girl HEATHER
Very jealous of everything new, maybe GREENWITHENVY
Walk softly with soldiers and chaplain PADRE
Wild party ORGY
Zigzag badge CHEVRON

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