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The Sun – Two Speed – Mar 30 2018

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Clues Answers
An old calculator can make a graduate swear endlessly ABACUS
Appearances ASPECTS
Batman’s friend ROBIN
Bedding plant LOBELIA
Bird returns gold to garbage can ROBIN
Brewing agent YEAST
Cat, for example, it is small in France PETIT
Christmas YULETIDE
Chronicle NARRATE
CID’s broken record DISC
Circular plate DISC
Clumsily rid apron of small blob of water RAINDROP
Complained WHINED
Complained about being plied with Chardonnay, we were told WHINED
Counting frame ABACUS
Crestfallen SAD
Cretan labyrinth monster MINOTAUR
Cross when trapped by inferior monster MINOTAUR
Do nothing IDLE
Floor cleaner MOP
Free time LEISURE
French word meaning ‘little’ PETIT
God of love CUPID
Hands out to skip through mountains DOLOMITES
Italian mountains DOLOMITES
Clues Answers
Keel over CAPSIZE
Keel over at hat dimension CAPSIZE
Large cult prone to change CORPULENT
Lay claim before nurse PRETEND
Local contest DERBY
Loudly kissed buffoon’s exterior features ASPECTS
Match between two local teams in English city DERBY
Mildew MOULD
Much obliged! THANKYOU
Narrow opening to separate when penniless SLIT
Not working at being lazy? IDLE
Oil able to form a flower LOBELIA
Profession CAREER
Quick kiss PECK
Quickly bite quantity of grain PECK
Recreation that is organised with rules LEISURE
Rushed back with speed to give an account NARRATE
Shape of university in Welsh town MOULD
Some of the crusaders are not happy SAD
Some sodium opened for cleaner MOP
Spanish city TOLEDO
Spanish city also drawn in TOLEDO
Speed towards one’s vocation CAREER
Spot of drizzle RAINDROP
Spy’s last point, raising agent YEAST
Tissue brought in to university, much obliged THANKYOU
Up amongst detectives he was armed with a bow CUPID
We hear you’ll have new diet for festive season YULETIDE