The Sun – Two Speed – Mar 31 2018

Clues Answers
Affectation PRETENCE
Aims high ASPIRES
Aims high, strangely praises ASPIRES
Ancient Roman date IDES
As a result of FROM
At which point WHEREUPON
At which point our nephew struggled WHEREUPON
Colossal GIANT
Common-or-garden bird TOMTIT
Conflagration INFERNO
Constantly the interior’s brown TAN
Dessert dish TRIFLE
Dessert is thing of little value TRIFLE
Fen grotto sadly neglected FORGOTTEN
Final stage of house extension HOMESTRETCH
Form of mural FRESCO
Gallivant ROVE
Garret ATTIC
Get social, it makes you big-headed EGOTISTICAL
Go brown TAN
Immerses STEEPS
Clues Answers
Little chance NOTAHOPE
Little vegetable PEA
Loft’s tacit conversion ATTIC
Makeshift boat RAFT
Mayor’s building TOWNHALL
Ogre from Georgian town GIANT
On Caesar’s fatal date, dies horribly IDES
Open a hot cooker? No chance! NOTAHOPE
Out of French cheese, take time off FROM
Painting fresh coat, without hat FRESCO
Painting left to judge, say PORTRAIT
Past recall FORGOTTEN
Personal picture PORTRAIT
Roam in orchard without leader ROVE
Sham coins round about end of August PRETENCE
Simple vessel right behind RAFT
Soaks when walks about East STEEPS
Tim’s dizzy, encircled by baby bird TOMTIT
To deduce the answer is negative is hell INFERNO
Trimmed soft fruit and vegetable PEA
Trivial printout man processed UNIMPORTANT
Wastrel to pass the incomplete opening SPENDTHRIFT
Won’t move entrance room in chief building TOWNHALL

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