The Sun – Two Speed – Mar 9 2018

Clues Answers
Architectural style MOCKTUDOR
Article denies tampering with liquorice flavour ANISEED
Article in place for Italian car maker FIAT
As a rule BROADLY
Attempt TRY
Attempt by Terry taking odd letters TRY
Barrack BOO
Base sycophancy TOADYISM
Bathroom fitment BIDET
Bone manipulator OSTEOPATH
Cheat heading for South on river SCAM
Chief nun ABBESS
Circle gold piece ORBIT
Civic head MAYOR
Coat peg HOOK
Con trick SCAM
Cry of contempt from hobo outside BOO
Death dies with me, tragically DEMISE
DIY moats resulted in servile adulation TOADYISM
Domestic animals going back a pace STEP
Downfall DEMISE
Dull, directing actors? OVERCAST
Eastern victory going in and changing a US state NEVADA
Emblem BADGE
Emblem where tailless animal seen BADGE
Exact tie DEADHEAT
Clues Answers
Fair amount TIDYSUM
Fittingly APTLY
Fittingly lay about outside exercise class APTLY
From Scandinavia NORDIC
Healer travelling to teashop OSTEOPATH
Heartburn remedy ANTACID
I’d risk going round the bathroom fitment BIDET
Italian car maker FIAT
Las Vegas’ state NEVADA
Lawsuit setting a precedent TESTCASE
Lifeless qualifying round produces a draw DEADHEAT
Lines recited, say, in cathedral ELEGY
London exhibition hall OLYMPIA
Match box that creates a precedent? TESTCASE
Medical remedy for bug stinging ANTACID
Minor dictionary contains Scandinavian NORDIC
Mutinous DEFIANT
My one opal improves on exhibits here OLYMPIA
Neat addition to considerable amount TIDYSUM
One should catch the eye HOOK
Ouzo flavouring ANISEED
Planet’s course ORBIT
Poke fun at old royal building style MOCKTUDOR
Rebellious boy in expert hands DEFIANT
Sailor leads girl to convent head ABBESS
Town official from Irish county, right? MAYOR
Wide field, we hear, in general BROADLY

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