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The Sun – Two Speed – March 11 2019

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Clues Answers
Antisocial person LONER
Arm of the Mediterranean ADRIATIC
Backstreet seen through small eyes ALLEY
Blood count? DRACULA
Bowling lane ALLEY
Bram Stoker’s vampire DRACULA
Brass and slate utensil used in kitchen SAUCEPAN
Cathedral cleric CANON
Chap nearly defying senior official MANDARIN
Charlie with bone china defect? CHIP
Check daily temperature graph bar chart
Chinese dialect group MANDARIN
Cooking pot SAUCEPAN
Cross or vexed ANNOYED
Curved fruit BANANA
Dairy deliverer MILKMAN
Daughter removed headscarf for crop BANANA
Dubious dukes keeping old guy heartlessly DODGY
Excitable individual HOTHEAD
Fiery boss an impetuous person HOTHEAD
Fried potato CHIP
Gambling cubes DICE
Give up the harvest YIELD
Graphic illustration bar chart
Heartbeat plus unusual energy PULSE
Involve in tale that’s crazy ENTAIL
Italian dish RAVIOLI
Jester FOOL
Kitty has delightful day FUND
Knotted lace craft MACRAME
Looker pens article in Nordic language DANISH
Painter’s tripod EASEL
Parcels wrapped in trattoria? RAVIOLI
Pickpockets THIEVES
Possibly enrol solitary sort LONER
Pot knocked over — family wants serviette NAPKIN
Pudding for idiot FOOL
Require or necessitate ENTAIL
Rhythmic throbbing PULSE
Robbers holding First Lady in this THIEVES
Ropey work: arm came loose! MACRAME
Roundsperson to exploit island MILKMAN
Scandinavian nationality DANISH
Slice or hew CARVE
Support financially FUND
Supporter of the arts? EASEL
Surrender YIELD
Table linen item NAPKIN
The main approach to Venice? ADRIATIC
They’re spotted in casinos DICE
This deal’s wrapped up! PACKAGE
Tory accepts a new church law CANON
Unreliable (informal) DODGY
Worry about Victor being cut CARVE
Yon dean can get you irritated ANNOYED