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The Sun – Two Speed – March 14 2019

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Clues Answers
American team amazingly keen say YANKEES
Animals able to hum badly? SKUNKS
BBC initially advertised free AUNTIE
Belly evident in costume TUM
Contrary in effect INVERSE
Crisp lustrous fabric TAFFETA
Deny claim about potato? REBUT
Disdainful look SNEER
Disprove or counter REBUT
Diverse or assorted VARIED
Edible seed PEANUT
Enter uninvited INTRUDE
Equation FORMULA
Facially hairy BEARDED
Female into line-up for makeover REFIT
Fit out EQUIP
Flora’s partner? FAUNA
Fruit from some Londoners MELON
Gym fan eating a bit of a snack? PEANUT
Heartless son always to show contempt SNEER
Hippo delightedly entertains whale group POD
Honeydew or cantaloupe MELON
King provides measuring device RULER
Kinswoman (informal) AUNTIE
Last from terrible joke stock EQUIP
Lifted heavy cheese cloth TAFFETA
Loaf with rum ruined recipe FORMULA
Logical person sure to succeed NATURAL
Make for place of safety take cover
Mentions tourist attractions audibly CITES
Metamorphose TRANSMUTE
More in personal best __ this for season? POTHERB
New York baseball stars YANKEES
Opposite is never beaten INVERSE
Pea container POD
Plant used in cooking POTHERB
Post-mortem AUTOPSY
Pupil, Australian, stores rice PILAU
Quotes CITES
Redistributing aid, rev disagreed VARIED
Regional wildlife FAUNA
Renovate REFIT
Seek shelter: get insurance? take cover
Sovereign RULER
Spiced Oriental dish PILAU
Start out with menu change TRANSMUTE
Stomach (informal) TUM
Stupidly UN tried to meddle INTRUDE
Support band not quite sincere __ songs vacuous? TRUSS
Surgical bandage TRUSS
There’s good deal in pub profit BARGAIN
Unprocessed NATURAL
US to pay out for last exam? AUTOPSY
Vile-smelling creatures SKUNKS
Whiskery dad with beer, sloshed BEARDED