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The Sun – Two Speed – March 17 2019

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Clues Answers
Administering venom POISONING
Avoid first couple skipping overture ELUDE
Beer sent up that’s fit for a king REGAL
Being untruthful LYING
Capital found in Leonardo’s loft OSLO
Carry on once unit regroups CONTINUE
Certainly not right to leave Swedish neighbour no way
Deception from Billy in Gateshead LYING
Drinking cup GOBLET
Emphatic denial (informal) no way
Entrance barrier CORDON
Ephemeral bug MAYFLY
Evade or escape ELUDE
Excess waves draw back SURFEIT
Five having beer in valley VALE
Gal and mama prepared a mixture AMALGAM
Goddess of love VENUS
Heavenly belt ZODIAC
Helicopter (informal) CHOPPER
In two ways the end of a flight? LANDING
Incredibly low fare with my New World transport? MAYFLOWER
Initiative (informal) GUMPTION
Insect could escape? MAYFLY
Judge a right vicious dog? ARBITER
Kitchenwear an expert brought in APRON
Left posh girl in the country PORTUGAL
Light perfume from German city COLOGNE
Lightly scented liquid COLOGNE
Lowland area VALE
Majestic REGAL
Maybe hammer also large TOOL
Mercury alloy AMALGAM
Mouth allowed in vessel GOBLET
Perhaps a short? Don’t mention it! not at all
Pilgrims’ ship MAYFLOWER
Playful pig soon in contamination POISONING
Plunder ROB
Policeman swallowing hard finds axe CHOPPER
Proceed or persist CONTINUE
Promissory note (informal) IOU
Puppet or pawn TOOL
Scandinavian city OSLO
Signs up? ZODIAC
Some atrocious debt reminder IOU
Some parvenu swindled our neighbour! VENUS
Sort or kind TYPE
Spain’s western neighbour PORTUGAL
Stage front APRON
Steal from Eurobank ROB
Stick to point, rambling wit! GUMPTION
Touchdown LANDING
Use keyboard in class TYPE
Wow! Lecturer seen in police line! CORDON
You’re welcome not at all