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The Sun – Two Speed – March 18 2019

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Clues Answers
37th US President NIXON
Adolescent (informal) TEEN
Anxious TENSE
Arab or Irish-American taking first question? IRAQI
Baghdad citizen, for example IRAQI
Balderdash NONSENSE
Church official ELDER
Consider ASSESS
Creature in minor gas explosion ORGANISM
Cricketer in A&E to wind down ABATE
Diminish ABATE
Dog likely to fight? BOXER
Dried fruit for Ottoman lady SULTANA
Drink to TOAST
Energy-saving case found CREATE
European politician in tax storm TEMPEST
Evaluate female fool? ASSESS
Father embraces excellent blonde FAIR
First appearance DEBUT
Firstborn in tree ELDER
Form of rummy CANASTA
Furniture item CABINET
Greek squid dish CALAMARI
Having a superior attitude ELITIST
I rang AA, alarmed at falling water levels NIAGARA
Lavatory TOILET
Living thing ORGANISM
Matt is boring DULL
N American falls NIAGARA
Poetry from Edward Lear: rubbish NONSENSE
Pugilist BOXER
Reasonable FAIR
Salute from Hirohito as translated TOAST
Seafood dish, cold, cured malaria CALAMARI
Seedless raisin SULTANA
Small railway station HALT
Snobby priest is featured in Times ELITIST
Some American a star in game CANASTA
Start university in arrears DEBUT
Stop student in headgear HALT
Strange earl in ultimately wild country IRELAND
Taxi in film for politicians CABINET
The Emerald Isle IRELAND
Tricky Dick with a blank diary? NIXON
Unconventional (informal) far-out
Under emotional strain in past perhaps? TENSE
Uninteresting DULL
Very distant and weird far-out
Victor abroad potentially boasting BRAVADO
WC that can be hired holds one TOILET
Wizard in silly errors round church SORCERER
Youngster in plate engraving TEEN