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The Sun – Two Speed – March 19 2019

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Clues Answers
Adhesive PASTE
Ancient Indian language SANSKRIT
Andean ruminant LLAMA
Beast in crop say? No! RHINO
Bladed tool HACKSAW
Bucket PAIL
Container one friend brought round PAIL
Cut with scissors SNIP
Dessert item for diamond wedding? rock cake
Dishevelled UK men drunk with pint UNKEMPT
Ditch Frenchman splitting DUP DUMP
Drink around north is bargain SNIP
Elector VOTER
Explanation senora might give REASON
Former European gives stick PASTE
Hobbies in dad’s days PASTIMES
Hold tightly CLUTCH
Horned mammal RHINO
Intelligible LUCID
Jettison DUMP
Knitted diamond design ARGYLE
Large rabbit, male, in female group HAREM
Leisure pursuits PASTIMES
Leo __, Russian author TOLSTOY
Means to rewrite the law WEALTH
Memory loss AMNESIA
Midlands city COVENTRY
Old language tsar’s kin translated SANSKRIT
Parties appeal to me! VOTER
Piece of work runs into bar EXCERPT
Priest inside to smell unpleasant gas HELIUM
Second lightest element HELIUM
Seize an egg collection CLUTCH
Selected passage EXCERPT
Setter on the loose in road STREET
Shown up, two coppers left sober LUCID
Small bun rock cake
Sock choice of Plymouth footballers? ARGYLE
Some confess to priest in bar STOP
Student monk finds pack animal LLAMA
Take back or recant RETRACT
Terminate STOP
The Bourne Condition AMNESIA
Thoroughfare STREET
Ungroomed UNKEMPT
Uninspiring reporter saying something cutting? HACKSAW
Witches go where outcasts are sent COVENTRY
Withdraw religious education pamphlet RETRACT
Women’s quarters HAREM
Writer disastrously lost plaything TOLSTOY